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Diamond Soft Pillow
Diamond Soft Pillow Diamond Soft Pillow

Diamond Soft Pillow

Discover My Diamond's Soft Pillows

Soft Firmness
Down Alternative


Standard - 20x26 | 300 thread count | Diamond Ticking | 37oz
King - 20x36 | 300 thread count | Diamond Ticking | 51oz

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Customer Reviews

Average customer review:

  • 7/30/2019 by:


    I have trouble sleeping and usually have to take something to help me sleep. However, once I laid my head on the pillow I slept like a baby and did not wake up all night. We stayed 6 nights and I slept so good!!! I ordered a set of pillows before we left the hotel!!!

  • 7/17/2019 by:


    I finally found the right pillow to get well rested sleep, and be comfortable. Can't wait for them to arrive. How long will it take to get here in Chicago il?

  • 2/6/2018 by:

    Kat D

    Oh my goodness, theee best soft pillow!! The last 2 times I've stayed, the first thing I do is go through the pillows to find mine for the week!! Love the pillow and I am just about to place my order so I can have a couple at home. I, too, have neck problems and this pillow is amazing!

  • 11/25/2017 by:

    anita eisenschiml

    This is the best pillow from any hotel plus better than my own..i told my sister to order one tooo

  • 6/25/2017 by:

    Melanie mcconnell

    We stayed overnight at the hotel and I always have a hard time finding a pillow at the hotel that's good to sleep on and I forgot my pillow at home. this was the best pillow that I've ever slept on even the one I had at home this is a very nice pillow you'll be very pleased with it I'm extremely happy with it! I have a very bad neck from an accident it is a very comfortable pillow. I only wished I had a found the pillow a lot sooner in life it would have cost me a lot of less grief.
    And it's an excellent place to sleep at at night the hotel is wonderful.